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Winds of ChangeJudy Tafelski

Winds of Change
Judy Tafelski

Positive change starts within, with the surrender of a morning prayer. As I surrender to my greatest, highest good, I stop resisting and start going with the flow. I can meet the “winds of change” that I encounter in life and grow stronger every day. Responsive Reading for Sunday, June 25 “His favor lasts a… Continue Reading

Heart of the House

Maureen Becklund

Maureen Becklund

Born and raised in Kennebunk Maine, Maureen Becklund came to Florida 21 years ago.  At 49, “surprised” with a pending divorce, she was persuaded by her son, a Florida college student, to begin a new life in a warmer climate. Maureen chose Clearwater because the Becklunds owned, in Kennebunk, a water purification company called Clearwater… Continue Reading

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