UCC Adult Educational Program

Becoming a Unity Student and/or a Unity Prayer Chaplain is an empowering process that manifests as a deepening personal commitment, a beautiful blessing that touches countless lives, and a profound spiritual transformation!

Dear One,

Are you hearing a spiritual calling?

We welcome you to consider training to become a Prayer Chaplain at Unity Church of Clearwater.  Whether you have served as a Chaplain in any other program, center, or Church before, please pray about this opportunity and then consider fulfilling several important steps unique to our ministry as outlined in this booklet.

Blessings and love from all of us at Unity!


STEP ONE includes A., B., and C., below :

Candidates for Prayer Chaplaincy would first become voting members of Unity Church of Clearwater.

     A. Everyone who is interested in doing so is welcome to join the Church – become a committed member — by filling out and submitting a membership form (found in our lobby in the seat-pockets and on our website).

     B.  In order to become participating members (voting members), committed members are invited to attend one New Member Meet ‘n Greet (usually planned quarterly after a Sunday service).  Pizza is usually served about 12:30 PM.

     C.  Candidates for Prayer Chaplaincy at Unity Church of Clearwater are also asked to attend all three sessions of a three part “UNITY 101" (Welcome to Unity) series of classes (as scheduled, before, after, or concurrently with STEPS TWO and THREE, below) on a love offering basis for an overall introduction to 1.) History and Development of the Unity movement; 2.) Foundational Teachings of Unity; 3.) Practical Application of Unity principles in living.

  • Participating membership in the Church
  • New Member Meet ‘n Greet session
  • Plus 7 hours of service in Youth Ministry, totaling some forty hours of study and service here at UCC

After completing these three steps, candidates for Prayer Chaplaincy are invited to complete a brief and prayerful interview with members of our Ministry Team at a mutually agreeable time.  Upon approval of the Team, each candidate will be invited to be formally installed as a Prayer Chaplain during a Sunday service here at Unity Church of Clearwater.


The Unity Studies Series (All are welcome to attend these classes.) Candidates for Prayer Chaplaincy are asked to fulfill a minimum attendance requirement of 5 sessions in each of four class series of 6-7 sessions each, taught here in the following four areas of Truth study.

(1) Lessons in Truth 2) Christian Healing and (3) Effectual Prayer (or an elective class, as offered), plus (4) an additional elective class.

These classes (usually 1 ½ hours each) may be taken in any order and will be taught by one or more of our Ministers or an appointed qualified Guest Instructor on a love offering basis, gratefully received by our Church and directed to sustain this spiritual ministry.


Candidates for Prayer Chaplaincy are also invited to complete a minimum of 7 hours of service that may be fulfilled concurrently with other studies noted above, by participation in Youth Ministry, as assigned by our Ministry Team. Individuals who come to us with rich backgrounds in training, career, and/or service in other settings will benefit by completing this ministry study and service requirement of some forty hours here at UCC, where they will be welcomed by new friends.  Also, their spiritual consciousness will be a great blessing to all of us.

Summary of the Requirements for UCC Prayer Chaplaincy:

  • “Introduction to Unity” three-part series
  • Fulfillment of four classes as noted in Step Two

We recommend that each Prayer Chaplaincy Candidate keep private records for reference, noting the date and class titles and the Instructors’ names.  Welcome to Unity!

The role of the Unity Church of Clearwater Prayer Chaplains is to offer prayer treatment and prayer support to the congregation as called upon by the Senior and/or Associate Ministers.  As servants of the Christ in the midst of us, our Prayer Chaplains are representatives of this ministry in many ways, and, truly, are honored “keepers of the flame” for our whole Unity family.

Unity Church of Clearwater Prayer Chaplaincy Covenant

I consecrate myself to the covenant of this Prayer Chaplaincy: to go first to God in all things, and then to take action as God directs.

I accept this covenant to serve in accord with the Mission and the Statement of Faith of the congregation of Unity Church of Clearwater as a Prayer Chaplain.

I accept as my standard of ministry the code of ethics expressed in this covenant, as prayerfully agreed upon.

I hold sacred the confidence placed in me by those who come to me for spiritual teaching, prayer treatment, and spiritual support.

I accept the high calling to endeavor to strive to be Christ-like in my personal attitudes and conduct towards all people, regardless of lifestyle, race, class, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or personal history.

I aspire to honor the sacred calling of my colleagues and fellow servants of the Christ and to serve in harmony with others.

I pledge to keep mindful of the Christ-taught spiritual principle that, in all things, “love is the fulfilling of the law.”

“I am among you as the one who serves,”
(Luke 22:27, New American Bible).

Unity Church of Clearwater
2465 Nursery Rd Clearwater, FL 33764
(727) 531-0992