Love Is My Energy

Leddy Hammock

In the Silence, I feel the presence and peace of God.

Jesus went to the mountaintop to pray. He left the crowds and his disciples to be fully present in the Silence. My mountaintop retreat may be symbolic as I seek time apart. Whether in a chapel, a favorite chair, or quiet moments carved out from a hectic schedule, I spend time in silent communion with God.

In the Silence, I turn within to a private meeting place. In this inner chamber, away from outer distractions, I pray, meditate, and listen. I am open and receptive to the still, small voice, to inspiration, to divine direction. Here in sacred oneness, I feel the assurance and peace of God. I relax my body, gently set aside my concerns, focus on my breathing, and allow myself to be enfolded in divine love. In the Silence, there is peace as I let go and let God.
He went up the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone.
(Matthew 14:23)

Take this Call

Leddy Hammock

(from lyrics by Sue Rtiley and Leddy Hammock:

“Let there be less of me, let there be more of Thee ? less of the human, more of the divine.

Less that belongs to me, more that is Thine, more of God’s nature, and less that is mine.

Order and harmony now are in place. Where there is harmony, discord will cease. Where there is harmony, there will be peace.

Not personality, but Individuality ? more of the Christ Self shining through me.

Teach me humility. Let me your servant be. Give me serenity, selfless and free.

Order and harmony, now are in place. Where there is harmony, discord will ease. Where there is harmony, there will be peace.

Did U See this Coming?

Leddy Hammock

Highlights (inspired by lyrics from “Imagining” by Sue Riley and Leddy Hammock:

Thoughts held in mind are mirrored in kind, around me reflecting in kind all that I see.

I am imagining what the fullness of time can bring. The eyes of the Infinite [are] beholding me.

All through the ages, so tenderly gazing, with love and compassion enfolding me.

In the temple that is prayer, You will find me there, in the temple that is prayer.

Radical Moms

Leddy Hammock

I do not let disappointment get me down. I watch for blessings and stay strong.

I give thanks in advance for double blessings! I do not settle for limits.

I bravely accept good ideas and I am unafraid of change. The walls of limitation come crashing down and swiftly set me free.

I speak sweetly and expect delightful outcomes, even when faced with seeming difficulties.

I am a good worker and a good friend and others are good to me. I am inspired by “radical moms!”

I am leaving behind me the life I have known. No matter how hopeless this journey may seem, don’t ask me to give up my dream!

Yes, You May!

Leddy Hammock

I am standing at the gate of unlimited possibility, ready for the blessing only Spirit can bestow.

Faith is the power to receive and to give form.

It takes hold of desire when I believe.  I hold onto my faith. The Truth will be revealed.

Nothing’s incurable.  All things can be healed.  What I believe I can conceive, and, in faith, I will receive.

Nothing is impossible.  It is never too late.

Nothing is too much for God, no challenge too great.

Faith Lift

Leddy Hammock

If I start feeling “blue,” I give myself a little time ? prayer time ? to get ready for my “faith lift.”

With sunny days and beds of roses, it’s easy to pretend for awhile. But when I can’t keep that “painted on smile,” I get ready for a “faith lift.”

I know that God always hears me. I trust and rest in Spirit for my “faith lift.”

If I start out feeling “down,” I make time for healing prayer and I give thanks in advance for the “faith lift” that always comes!

Love the Earth

Leddy Hammock

Native American Chant:

“The Earth is Our Mother, we must take care of Her.

The sacred ground we walk upon with every step we take.”

Good Morning!

Leddy Hammock
Easter 9:30 & 11 AM

The sunrise is like fire and gold, spilling out on the water while the land’s still dark and cold.  It’s morning!  I wake up breathing in faith, seeking to find the Christ that I was missing.

I wake up breathing a prayer: “I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses. And the voice I hear . . .” is the voice of Truth.  I believe that the Christ I was missing is here.

I wake up breathing with joy.  Let the tears be wiped away, for I feel that the Christ I was missing is here.

With every new sunrise, I wake up breathing life!  It’s a wonderful morning, and I know the Truth that the Christ I was missing ? my teacher and my Friend forever ? is always here with me.

Good morning!

Why Go There?

Leddy Hammock

(Scripture references:  Mt. 16:24; 21:1-10; Lk. 19:28-44; Jn. 11:5-43; 11:9-13;12:27).

The road is long to my “Jerusalem,” but I will make it; that’s who I am.

I am a spiritual being, going through a human experience.  Show me the way. Steady on, I’ll finish strong on this path.

Everything in the outer may change, but I’ll keep my peace.  Show me the way.  With every mile, I am reminded that God is my strength and I am not alone.

Thank You, God, for hearing me.  Show me the way.  Whether the crowds cheer or jeer, I am not moved, for I am in my right place.

Every breath in me proclaims, “Hallelujah today!  Show me the way!”

Unity of the Spirit

Leddy Hammock

Inspired by lyrics by Jan Garrett

"This is what I know:  We are all connected, the universe reflected in each shining part.

And everywhere I go, I recognize the faces ? all of my relations in this One Heart.

And all I need is already looking through these eyes, nearer than my breathing, closer than hands and feet.

We are dreaming together all the gifts of heaven and earth, and so I receive all I can be.

So it is and so be it . . . and now we begin . . . .  Amen!"


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