Time for the Reveal

Leddy Hammock

(Inspired by scripture and lyrics by Melinda Wood Allen):

No matter how long the seeming problem has been around, when the time comes when I am really ready, the answer is revealed.

The demonstration comes first in mind, then in manifestation.

I walk by faith, not by sight.

“I come in humbleness, Your blessings to receive.

I touch just the hem of the garment.

If I open to this one possibility, everything could change in that moment.”  “I have touched the hem of the garment.  I’ve seen a world of grand possibility and nothing is the same since the moment I reached out my hand to love and that love returned to me.”


Leddy Hammock

Lesson inspired by lyrics from “May You Know God” ?

“May you rejoice in the new life within you as you release the old and worn. Open your heart with praise and thanksgiving . . . .

May you awake to a world of beauty, lifted up from times of tears. Aware of the grace that tenderly carries you . . . .

There was a time in your life when you glimpsed something that before was unseen.  Now you can believe it’s real.

May you look back on a life sweet with memories, understanding all was right.

May you see God. May you feel God. May you know God.

Let It Be Easy

Karen Drucker

(inspired by lyrics by Karen Drucker): “Let it be easy. Now that I see the light, I won’t work on, day and night. I vow to take good care of me. Let it be easy. I don’t need to run a race. I’m choosing ease and grace, enjoying the ride. Let it be easy. I heard a voice calling to me, ‘Let it be easy.’ I make the choice to trust my voice. Let it be easy.”

This Place

Leddy Hammock

I am not here by accident. I am here in this place by divine appointment. Since God is everywhere equally present, whenever I turn my attention to the presence of the Good, I dwell in the House of the Lord. Wherever I am?either alone or gathered with others in prayer? my heart is in a holy place. In Genesis, we read that Jacob fell asleep, alone in the wilderness; when he awoke, he declared: “Surely the LORD is in this place and I knew it not” (Genesis 28:16, King James Version). Wherever I am, wherever I journey, I can always pause and pray. I feel instantly safe and divinely guided as I affirm: “Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place!”


Leddy Hammock

(inspired by lyrics by David Roth, Lisa Aschmann, and J.D. Martin)

We are spiritual beings, currently going through a human experience on the way to an infinite unfoldment. We are made of hopes and dreams. We are the stuff of stars.

Everything and every creature began as a divine idea in the mind of God. We are children of God. We are God’s ideas. We are the stuff of stars. We are the stuff of stars.

The world is made of “God-Stuff” ? radiant with God-Life. We are made of Spirit. We are the stuff of stars.

No challenge can extinguish who we are. Never underestimate the power and speed of light. We’re the stuff that stars are made of. We are the stuff of stars.

Sunday Kind of Love

Leddy Hammock

Quotations are from the lyrics to “The Love You’ve Always Known” by Paula Hawley

“Let the light pour in your soul; feel it heal you, make you whole as it flows from head to toe. It’s the love you’ve always known.”

“You let love expand your heart with gratitude for every part. See forgiveness light the dark. Know this love is who you are.”

“I let the light pour in my soul. It heals me. I am whole, as it flows from head to toe. It’s the love I’ve always known.”

I feel God’s presence and the warmth of God’s love, right here, right now. This is the love I’ve always known.

Caring for Caregivers

Leddy Hammock & Linda Burhans

Being the change we wish to see in the world means taking care of others and also taking care of ourselves.

Even the smallest act of kindness blesses both the giver and the receiver.

We care for others selflessly, serving the Christ within each and all.

We are guided and strengthened to be the change we wish to see in the world by doing all we can with what we have, in the time we have in the place we are. This is why we are here!

In the Name of Love

Leddy Hammock

Love is the nature of the Spirit of Life.

Love is the power that calls forth great souls to stand up and show the way, even during hard times.

Love is like the water that wears down the seeming obstacles and brings change, making a way when there seemed to be no way.

“Love is the water that wears down the rock.
Love is the power that won’t be stopped.
Love is the water that wears down the rock.” ? Brother Sun


Leddy Hammock

Lyrics from “If I Were Brave” by Jana Stanfield:

“What would I do if I knew that I could not fail?

If I believed, would the wind always fill up my sail?

How far would I go, what could I achieve, trusting the hero in me?

If I were brave I’d walk the razor’s edge, where fools and dreamer’s dare to tread, and never lose faith, even when losing my way.

What step would I take today, if I were brave? . . .

What if we’re all meant to do what we secretly dream?

What would you ask if you knew you could have anything?

Like the mighty oak sleeps in the heart of a seed, are there miracles in you and me?

If I refuse to listen to the voice of fear, would the voice of courage whisper in my ear?  What would I do today if I were brave?”  I am brave!

Begin Again

Leddy Hammock

I can feel a change is coming.

I have released the old year, and I am ready to begin again.

I can feel myself outgrowing this life I’ve been living in. So, by the power of my word of faith, I begin again.

I am now speaking into creation a good new year ? a good new life. I know I’m going to be all right. Lovingly,

I send forth my word of wisdom and faith and I begin again.

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