Being Kind

Leddy Hammock

Inspired by words of Nimo Patel in “Being Kind” ?

I just sit and pray in silence and God shows me the signs. I open my eyes and realize we are fine, one small act at a time.

Small acts we do together, even though maybe alone, change the world for the better, so we can call it home.

And this is life: as we know, when our hearts are aligned, the magic that unfolds, one small act at a time.

When I’m kind to others, they pay it forward. This is how we build trust. Thank You, God, for letting me realize, when I serve humanity, I’m really serving You in disguise.

Your Crown

Leddy Hammock

“On the day that we met . . . I noticed a crown on the top of your head . . . .I always knew just what your crown meant. It meant that you were MAGNIFICENT.”

“That means you are grand from your toes to your chin. Take a deep breath, and let that sink in . . . . and it means, like a star, YOU WERE BORN TO SHINE . . . .”

“Whatever it is you choose to do, no one can do it exactly like you. . . . And if you fall down, remember your glorious, marvelous crown. It won’t flicker or fade. It won’t dim. It won’t leave. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BELIEVE.”

“The world is a wonderland waiting for you. And you get to share it with all your friends, too! They each have a crown that is faithful and true. No one’s is brighter, no one’s is duller. It’s only a crown of a different color.

So sometimes, just every now and then, whisper ‘I believe’ again. Your crown is your best friend forever, by far. It tells the true story of just who you are.”

Know U Anywhere

Leddy Hammock

from I’d Know You Anywhere” by Nancy Tillman

If one day we’re walking and talking, just us, and you looked different,
“I might be surprised, but just for a while. I’d know it was you by your magical smile.”

Even if you had been away for a long time and didn’t look at all like yourself, “I’d say,
‘My, my . . . that is quite a disguise!’ But I’d know it was you by the gleam in your eyes.”

“There are things about you quite unlike any other . . .
Things always known by your father or mother.
So, if you decide to be different one day, no worries . . . I’d know you anyway.”

“Yes, without question I’d know it was you.” “I know you by heart.”
Because, child of God, “I’d know you anywhere.”

Here for a Reason

Leddy Hammock

from You’re Here for a Reason by Nancy Tilllman

“You’re here for a reason, you certainly are. The world would be different without you, by far.

If not for your hands and your eyes and your feet, the world, like a puzzle, would be incomplete. Even the smallest of things that you do blossom and multiply far beyond you.” . . .

“You’re here for a reason. If you think you’re not, I would just say that perhaps you forgot ? a piece of the world that is precious and dear would surely be missing if you weren’t here.

If not for your smile and your laugh and your heart, this place we call home would be minus a part.

Thank goodness you’re here! Thank goodness times two! I just can’t imagine a world without you.

You are loved.”


Leddy Hammock

I am safe and secure, for I know who I am: a beloved child of my infinitely rich and generous Father-Mother God.

I am secure and well-provided, for I know my treasure is in my mind, not in my things.

I am secure in all I do, for I know my oneness with the divine process.

I do not worry, for God takes care of me. I live my life from day to day as if God’s supportive substance were as inexhaustible and dependable as the air I breathe, which it most certainly is.

Even if the branch I am sitting on gives way, I am not afraid, for I remember that I have wings.

Open Windows

Leddy Hammock

Tithing means freely giving a tenth of all that I receive to spiritual works and workers ? wherever I find them ? and I am always blessed in return.

Tithing to God and God’s workers reminds me that God is my instant, constant, and ever-present Source of all good.

I tithe cheerfully, remembering that God is my Source of all good, and I am blessed many times over!

The good that I give away in the form of tithes and love offerings returns to me multiplied: pressed down, shaken together, and running over, and I always have more than enough.

Thank You, God!

The Giving Flow

Leddy Hammock

I have a “giving heart” ?  I give fearlessly and lovingly and I receive abundantly.

I am a giver and my Father-Mother God is generous with me.

My life is God’s gift to me.  What I do with it is my gift to God.

God is my overflowing Source of all good and I am stepping into the flow.

Reverse Adversity

Leddy Hammock

It isn’t what happens to me, but the good that expresses through me, that lasts.

Even when things don’t seem to be working out, there is always some good, working out for me. I don’t have “problems.” I have projects!

Difficulties do not come into my life to stay. They come to pass.

Troubles turns into treasures when I know that something wonderful is happening. If I feel bothered by any irritation or worry, I learn from the oyster and I say to myself, ‘Let’s get busy pearling!'”

When U Work It

Leddy Hammock

I love my work, for it helps me to grow spiritually.

God can only do for me what I allow God to do through me. I am open and receptive to my true calling.

I am ready to follow God’s guidance obediently and to put God’s ideas to work in all that I do.

I work at “earning my wings” every day with the work of my hands and the words that I speak.

God works in me to will and to do whatsoever God would have me do, and God cannot fail. This is my true calling.

On the Money

Leddy Hammock

Jesus was not afraid to talk about money as a useful symbol of creative ideas. He taught that money does not measure my worth.

Money is made with a human image; I am made in God's image. I never worry about money, for God is my Source and in God I trust.

I am God's child and God always provides for me. I practice good stewardship and value money simply as a material symbol of God's unlimited supply. I draw my good to me.

What's in your wallet? I have a rich prosperity consciousness! I serve God and money serves me.

I am free to prosper now!

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