This is my Unity Bible –
   it’s a lamplight for my soul.
Its people and its places
   help reveal my highest goal —
To learn the Truth that God is Mind
   and how our thoughts make things,
To live the Truth that God is Love
   and know the peace this brings;
To grow with every lesson
   in this life, which is a school,
To behold the good in others
   and live by the Golden Rule.

Regardless of the version,
   every Bible is a guide —
Individually interpreted
   and personally applied.
I read within its pages
   the most wonderful Good News
Of Christ in each and every heart,
   that all the world can use.  
Let this be a lamp unto my feet,
   my help in every need,
For I may be the only Bible
   that some people ever read.

-The Reverend Dr Leddy Hammock

Resuming LIT Sunday series

Last autumn, six of our Sunday lessons in a row were based on the first six chapter/lessons of Unity's primary text (after the Bible): Lessons in Truth by H. Emilie Cady. During this springtime, our Sunday lessons between now and Palm Sunday will resume with the study of the second half of Lessons in Truth on March 5.

Whether or not you have had the opportunity to share in an evening class on these lessons here at Unity, you will find this series refreshing and renewing as they come to life in your spiritual life!

Blankets for Migrant Workers

blanketsWe’re joining with our Unitarian Universalist neighbors to collect clean, new or gently used blankets for migrant workers in Plant City.

Blanket donations must be received by Dec 11th and may be brought to the bookstore counter

Annual Teddy Bear Drive

teddy-bears-smOur Yearly Teddy Bear Drive is off to a great start!

Each year through the generosity of our UCC family, we collect around 400-500 new teddy bears and other stuffed animals.

The donations are tagged “We bear you love from Unity” and are then given to grateful recipients at Hospice, Metropolitan Ministries, nursing facilities, etc.

Small to medium size bears are requested and they should be new and individually bagged (ziplock)

Remembering Teena Sparcino

teena-smCelebration of Life Service
Sun, Oct 23
12:00 PM
Peace Chapel

Teena Sparcino was lovingly installed as a Prayer Chaplain at Unity Church of Clearwater in 2010 . . . . At that time, Teena said of her initial Sunday stop at Unity Church of Clearwater nearly six years earlier: “I knew I was home and that was it.”

Since that time, Teena, who migrated to Florida via Buffalo, Toronto and California, devoted volunteer teaching time to
our Youth Ministry, performed in the Unity Choir, and was also elected to a three year term on our UCC Board of Directors, where she served with great dedication.

Raised in the Catholic faith until the age of thirteen, Teena was always a curious child, searching for answers “as to what this life is all about” at a very young age. She studied Eastern philosophy and joined the Theosophical Society when she was only sixteen. She became a devotee of Vaishnavism, a tradition of Hinduism requiring a strict vegetarian diet. Although this way of life was very satisfying for Teena for nearly thirty years, subsequent health conditions required her to adjust the dietary requirements of her religious path. That is when she felt led to discover Unity.

Teena believed there are many paths to God and that only “cultural differences” separate the approaches of individual faiths. Therefore, she explained that she began to experience what she called a “natural evolution to Unity” — an uncluttered progression from East to West, resulting in a comfortable, open spirituality that included more similarities than differences to her former spiritual paths. As a heart-centered devotee of the divinity indwelling all the world and its people, Teena naturally enjoyed our classes and services and felt at home in Unity.

Teena had innate compassion for all beings and became a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Each of Teena’s children was eventually drawn to the nursing profession. She loved talking about her three wonderful children and her three “great” grandchildren, too. We know that her love enfolds them forever.

Teena also loved music and had a very sweet, soothing voice. In addition to offering an occasional solo in the Unity choir, Teena became accomplished in playing guitar and ukulele and was a member of emPower Music and Arts. She loved our Café concerts and Posi-Palooza’s here at Unity, too. Her creativity was expressed in writing and performing lovely spiritual songs and through her beautiful textile creations. Although her health challenges over the past few years required continuous medical attention and kept her closer to her home, Teena was always with us in Spirit and we feel that her consciousness continues to bless her Unity family. Teena, we love you, we bless you, and we see you radiant with happiness and free, forever free.

A simple Celebration of Life in honor of Teena will be held in our Peace Chapel from noon to 12:30 PM

Sunday Video Archives

movie-cameraWe are once again able to archive our Sunday Service Video.

You can click “Watch on Demand” in the Watch & Listen menu or use the following link:

Blood Drive

pint-of-hope-t-shirt-medGIVE A PINT OF HOPE. DONATE BLOOD.

Sunday, April 17, 2016
9:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater

All donors will receive a T-shirt and a wellness checkup including blood pressure, temperature, iron count and cholesterol screening!

Help us better serve you!
Make an appointment online at and use sponsor code #15754

Welcoming our UU Neighbors

uu-chalice-300x240When our Church building burned in 2003, the UU Church across the street welcomed us to use their space for two years during our restoration.

So, when they asked us if we could share our parking space with their folks now, naturally, we said YES!

UU welcomed Unity; Unity welcomes UU!  Let’s grow together!

Congratulations Alexis

alexis-cropWe are proud and happy to announce that Alexis Brown, 13 year old daughter of Staff volunteer, Joyce Monterose, has just been accepted into Palm Harbor University High School, for studies in their Medical program due to her excellent scholarship!

We are cheering you on, Alexis!

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