Our Interfaith Community

pc_artThere are so many religions. So, who’s right?

We do not judge sincere followers of paths other than Christianity as “wrong.”  We believe all people are following the Christ – the divine nature – by whatever name they identify divinity. Here at UCC, we rejoice in interfaith activities, believing that there is only one God, shining through each and all and realized according to individual understanding, and we are all growing.  In Unity, we are not in competition with anybody.  We are all in this life together, in the Presence of God – the Good omnipotent – in which we live and move and have our being, whether we realize it or not.

Below are some of our partners in the local interfaith community.

Visit these friends of UCC!

Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater Dhamma Wheel Meditation Society Congregation Beth Shalom Jewish Federation of Pinellas/Pasco Cty Temple B'nai Israel St. John's Episcopal Church First Unity Church Tampa Unity Church Unity Church of Palm Harbor Unity Community Good Samaritan Episcopal Church Hope Presbyterian Church St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church New Thought Center for Creative Living Rissho Kosei-kai Dharma Center of Tampa Bay
rkkRissho Kosei-kai of Tampa Bay Japanese Buddhism Center
Sundays, 4:00 PM Thursdays, 7:00 PM UU Patio Room, by the lily pond Discussion Director, Lonni Fain   The Rissho Kosei-kai service consists of:
  • Sutra Recitation
  • Meditation
  • Dharma Talk
  • Hoza (circle of compassion)
  • Social time & refreshments following the service.

From the Rissho Kosei-kai Tampa Bay Website: Rissho Kosei-kai offers traditional Buddhist teachings with modern everyday application, to help bring peace and harmony to the family and society. Through these teachings, we are able to recognize the buddha-nature in ourselves and others. We support each other and our community in the development of awareness, compassion and peace.

The path of Buddhism is inclusive and available to all. We welcome you to join us in our sangha!

Rissho Kosei-kai is a worldwide Buddhist organization founded in Japan in 1938 by Nikkyo Niwano and Myoko Naganuma. It combines the wisdom of both the Lotus Sutra and the foundational teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. Its purpose is to bring these transformative teachings to the modern world.

All interested adults are most welcome!

Leddy and Russ have attended when they were able and enthusiastically recommend RKK for serious seekers!

For more info contact: Lonnie Fain @ 509-863-5235 Rissho Kosei-kai of Tampa Bay Website Rissho Kosei-kai of Tampa Bay Meetup Page

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