Half Day Outdoor Meditation Retreat

Half Day Outdoor Meditation Retreat with Vegetarian Pot Luck Lunch

Suggested Donation: $35.00 for half day

Mindfulness Meditation
By intentionally practicing mindfulness – deliberately paying more careful moment-to-moment attention – individuals can live more fully and less on "automatic pilot," and thus be more present for their own lives.



This retreat will provide an opportunity to:

  • Learn how to meditate or deepen your practice
  • Set aside everyday stress and mental noise
  • Participate in Noble Silence (maintaining quiet)
  • Be mindful: focus your awareness on the present moment, in a patient and loving way
  • Calmly accept your feelings and thoughts, as they occur, without judgement
  • Participate in yoga – instruction to unite the body and the mind
  • Experience both seated and walking meditations, with guidance by Bhante Dhammawansha
  • Listen to a Dhamma talk by Bhante (the truth of what the Buddha taught)

Bhante Dhammwansha, a Theravada Buddhist Monk for over 40 years, holds a Masters Degree in Buddhism.

Currently residing in Clearwater Florida, Bhante leads several weekly Mindfulness Meditation groups in the state of Florida while he continues to travel throughout the US and the world teaching Mindfulness Meditation and giving Dhamma talks.

His quiet kindly nature makes him accessible to all and an inspiration to many.





Each person is asked to bring a vegetarian dish of their choice to share with others at the retreat.  Please sign up and indicate the dish you wish to bring.  The dish should be covered and packed in a cooler if needed.  Heating is limited so please check to make sure we can accommodate your item. Beverages, flat ware, plates, etc. will be provided.
Signup sheets will be available at the following locations:

  • Sundays at Dhamma Wheel Meditation Society in Clearwater at 6:30 pm.
  • Tuesdays at Yoga Shakti in Tarpon Springs at 7:30 pm.
  • Wednesdays at Church on the Bayou in Tarpon Springs at 7:00 pm.
  • You may also email The Dhamma Wheel Meditation Society at thedwms@gmail.com.

For Your Comfort:

  • Please turn off all electronic devices while at the retreat to assist in Noble Silence.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, a hat, bug  repellent, and sun screen. Please bring a chair, pillow, blanket or towel to sit on during meditation.
  • Please bring your yoga mat.  We do have some mats if you don't have one.

Directions: A.L. Anderson Park, 39699 US Hwy 19, Picnic Shelter #9

  • If you are heading NORTH, you will cross Klosterman Rd. Turn right into the park entrance which is just past Tookes Rd. Head straight into the park and take the 2nd right and go over the bridge. Then take the first left down to the bottom of the parking lot.
  • If you are heading SOUTH, you will cross Martin Luther King Ave and then turn left (just across from The Woods Condos) into the park entrance. Head straight into the park and take the 2nd right and go over the bridge. Then take the first left down to the bottom of the parking lot.

Shelter 9 is lake side, close to rest rooms, and is wheel chair accessible.

Unity Church of Clearwater
2465 Nursery Rd Clearwater, FL 33764
(727) 531-0992