Discover the Power within You

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This event finished on 29 August 2017

An Exciting New Class Series with Judy Tafelski

Eric Butterworth's inspiring tour de force, the author shares the greatest discovery of all time: the ability to see the divine within us all. Jesus saw this divine dimension in every human being, and Butterworth reveals this hidden and untapped resource to be a source of limitless abundance. Exploring this "depth potential," Butterworth outlines ways in which we can release the power locked within us for better health, greater confidence, increased success, and inspired openness to let our "light shine" forth for others.

Explore the classic Unity book "Discover the Power within You with Associate Minister, Judy Tafelski.


This book changed my perspective on life and religion.
–Oprah Winfrey, from O Magazine, May/June 2000

"A wonderful book … truly a life-changer, as many readers know. This book really does release the power within us all." –Norman Vincent Peale

About the Author:
Unity minister, Eric Butterworth (1916-2003), often referred to as a "Twentieth Century Emerson," is considered a legend and spiritual icon in the Unity Movement. A visionary and an innovator, he originated the Spiritual Therapy Workshops.

The author of sixteen bestselling books on metaphysical spirituality, including Life Is for Loving, Spiritual Economics, and You Make the Difference, a gifted theologian, philosopher, and lecturer, Butterworth was a highly respected New Thought pioneer and innovator whose life was dedicated to helping people to help themselves.

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