Art around the “House Built on Love”

The stained glass windows in our Sanctuary and Peace Chapel





These windows were lovingly created by Unity friends, Robin Saenger and Steve Corrado.  The Peace Chapel windows were a gift from the artists, and depict the light of the sun and of the moon in lovely, soft colors.  Light placed behind the windows gives the illusion of sunlight and moonlight shining through, providing an atmosphere of peace and beauty in our Peace Chapel.  The four stained glass windows in our Sanctuary were commissioned around 2004-6 to suggest “Light, Love, Truth, and Faith.”  They bring rainbows to the sanctuary and remind us of the diversity and beauty of God’s expressions in our world.

Our Peace Mural

Peace Mural Hi Res 005

Our Peace Chapel’s focal point is a photocopy of the original “Peace Mural” completed by The Reverend Lowell H. Turner, Leddy Hammock’s father, when her parents were studying for the Unity Ministry at Unity Village in the 1960’s.  Lowell was personal assistant to Waldo Rickert Fillmore, the middle son of the Cofounders (Charles and Myrtle) who had also been the President of the Kansas City Art Institute.  Rickert had studied art and architecture in America and abroad, and had designed the buildings and fountains at Unity Village in the 1930’s-40’s.  Rickert had commissioned Lowell to create a scale model of Rickert’s own concept for Unity Village, that would include a Montessori preschool as well as academically accredited elementary, middle, and high schools, and an accredited seminary for Unity.  When Rickert made sudden transition in the 1960’s, his won, Charles Rickert Fillmore, took over leadership at Unity School and other plans were followed.  One of the last projects that Rickert had commissioned was the design and decor for the Peace Chapel at Unity Village, adjacent to the Fillmore Chapel, which was the closest building to the Unity Tower, where Rickert’s office was located, on the third floor.  Rickert directed Lowell Turner to make the design decisions and to conceive and create the Peace Mural.  Lowell Turner was later commissioned to create other peace murals at a few other Unity Churches, namely Unity of Brooksville and Unity Church of Peace in the St. Louis area.  We believe that the peace mural painting was the only painting personally commissioned by a member of the Fillmore family.  What a blessing for us to have a copy of the original here in our own Peace Chapel!

“Unity of the Spirit”

pc_art pc_art

On September 11, 2011, our Peace Property was dedicated by some two dozen area clergy of diverse faith communities. The “Unity of the Spirit” art in the picture window of the Peace Cottage was conceived by Leddy to be two-sided — visibled from indoors and outdoors — to display symbols of 18 religions of the world, including symbols for Unity, Unitarian Universalism, and the International New Thought Alliance.  Leddy’s father, The Reverend Lowell Turner (personal assistant to Rickert Fillmore, son of the Cofounders of Unity, who had commissioned Lowell in the early 1960’s to paint the original peace mural for Unity School) created this artwork along with 16-year-old Raina Randolph, his great-grand daughter (grand daughter of Leddy and Russ Hammock, niece to Rob Hammock, and daughter of Dieter and Jennifer Randolph), proclaiming peaceful coexistence.

Explanation of Symbols (pdf)

Prayer Walk Labyrinth

labyrinth2_800x600 labyrinth1_800x600

In 2008, to commemorate the chartering of our Church a half century before, 50 years before, members completed the prayer labyrinth at the north side of our Sanctuary according to the design of then 14-year old Raina Randolph (who worked with her grand father, Lowell Turner, in creating the “Unity of the Spirit” art for our Peace Cottage, also noted here).  The labyrinth symbolizes the ongoing journey of the soul. “With every step, we walk in peace and in prayer.”

Building the Labyrinth

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The Creation Murals

The Creation Murals are a joyous cooperative effort, ideated (inspired) by Spirit, encouraged by Sr. Minister, The Reverend Dr. Leddy Hammock, conceptualized and planned by Artist, Susan Forever Moore, under whose guidance the murals were given form at Unity Church of Clearwater by our Youth of Unity in the summer of 2015.

Thanks to Ralph Webbe for the wonderful photos of the murals.

Creation Mural Brochure (pdf)

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